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NUMDAB (NUclear Medicine DAtaBase)

Nuclear medicine is a rapidly growing discipline employing advanced technology. Medical practice gets significant benefit from molecular imaging procedures such as SPECT, PET, and from novel hybrid techniques like SPECT/CT and PET/CT that provide unique functional and anatomical information relevant for patient management and biomedical research. Molecular-targeted therapy is also growing fast, with continuous developing approaches aimed to fight several forms of cancer. However, the reality today is that these technologies are not evenly distributed between countries.

The IAEA is committed to scientific co-operation and to the transfer of nuclear technologies to Member States for peaceful applications. To meet this mandate, the IAEA should have accurate information regarding the status of technology, facilities, manpower and educational infrastructure in order to address the current needs of Member States.

Why should anyone participate in NUMDAB?

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The aim of NUMDAB, Nuclear Medicine Database, is to gather and maintain updated information regarding the status of nuclear medicine practice around the world. The database will be useful for:

The database is focused at collecting data on individual nuclear medicine facilities, with information on manpower and equipment, along with isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals employed. Other relevant data such as procedures performed and educational needs are expected to be registered as well.

Once completed, most portions of the database together with processed statistical data will be available to those having registered and participated in the survey. We sincerely expect that the overall objectives of this ambitious project are well understood and that most individuals and institutions involved in nuclear medicine practice will participate by taking a few minutes of their time.